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Wednesday, 14 May 2008 13:30
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The undocumented RBE3
RBE3 - The Interpolation Element
Example Checkout Input File for the RBE3 Element.
RBE3 with colinear points
Load Distributions for Uniform and Nonuniform Weightings
RBE3 with a UM specified
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The undocumented RBE3

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The RBE3 element, also known as the weighted average constraint element,
provides a means of specifying the value of selected degrees of freedom
to be the weighted average of the displacement of the other degrees of

It can be used to good effect in "beaming" loads into a structure without
causing the included region to be over-constrained. It can be used to distribute
a point load onto a set of nodes, as a pressure would behave, and it can be
used to simulate a wiffle tree.

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