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Saturday, 20 July 2002 15:17

The 6dof.com web site is dedicated mainly to the Finite Element method that is widely used in mechanical engineering...

If you ever had tried to find information on the web about F.E. or C.A.E., you certainly know that it is very difficult. Indeed one generally have the choice between commercial web sites that are generally not that much objective or university web sites that give you high level answers that do not exactly fit your needs.
The 6dof.com web site should not be like this for a very simple reason. It is filled by you !
The concept is very simple. The site has been built like an empty shell where everybody can contribute and fill through howto's, articles, forums, reviews etc.
On our side, we will do our best to give you all required tools to be published and make this site a knowledge base.

A team composed of highly skilled persons, mainly coming from the FEA world, drives the project. 

Do not hesitate as well to read the FAQ in order to get details about each site menu item. (see : "About 6dof website" FAQ)
Our success depends on your active participation.

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So we hope you'll help us to make this project a real success...

The 6dof team.

P.S.: Give us your feedback:

- fill the contact form
- post a message in the forum named "About 6dof website"

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